Your Wedding

Congratulations on Your Engagement!

Whichever faith or background you are from; there is always one main subject at the top of any bride/grooms agenda and that is – ‘Money’.

However, leaving the subject of ‘money’ to one side, The World Bridal Event aims to offer each and everyone one of you, whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist or you have no religious beliefs but just want to marry the person you love with sound advice on how to turn what can be a challenging and an emotionally stressful process into a time of excitement and fun!

Through our events, show guides and social media sites; we can offer you advice and services from the leading national and regional wedding professionals from all cultures.

We know that it is important in this day and age to keep up with modern trends, but also not to lose sight of your traditions, faith, roots and interests and with this in mind together with the guidelines listed below to assist your planning, we wish you all the very best for your special day and the future that awaits you.

Straight Away-

  •  ‘Money’ – Talk with all your family, in laws to be and partner to see who can afford what and when.
  • ‘Guest List’ – Your financial budget will help assist with this matter so ensure you have the immediate family and friends first and foremost unless you are wanting an intimate wedding. The guest list will then provide you with an idea of the type of venue you will need to accommodate for everyone.
  • ‘Date & Venue’ – Do you have a sentimental date in mind or just thinking about the weather? Once you have thought of a date, you will need to check dates with the venue. Will you need a place of worship, followed by a registry office ceremony also or would you like a venue that caters for everything under one roof?
  • ‘Bridal Party’ – Decide on who you would both like for bridesmaids, the best man, Ushers etc.

12 – 6 Months Before-

  • Make appointments to book the ceremony with the place of worship and give notice to the registry office of marriage or book there too, if necessary, confirm a booking with the venue for the after party.
  • If you are the bride; begin searching for the makeup artist you would like to do you up on the day. Arrange consultations and trail runs, to find the perfect artist.
  • Start visiting wedding shows, such as the WBE, to help with ideas and find local wedding suppliers and think about booking for a wedding car, florist, invitations, room décor, entertainment, bridal and grooms wear, catering, favours, hair/make up, jewellery and a photographer.
  • Book a stage/backdrop for the wedding day. If you are from an Asian background, you need to have the wedding, walima and mehndi stages finalised by this point.
  • ‘Catering’ – Discuss menus with your partner and relatives then take your ideas to the venue or outside caterer unless the venue has a set menu then you will need to decide on that.

6 – 4 Months Before-

  • Order the Wedding Cake – size and cost will be dependent on the guest list. You can have it compliment your outfits or theme.
  • The Grooms wear and other menswear to be ordered once fitted.
  • The Bridal wear to be ordered once fitted.
  • Choose and purchase wedding rings.
  • Start making your favours and any other decorations if you are doing it yourself.
  • Book transport for yourself, groom/bride and other wedding guests if necessary.

4 – 1 Months Before-

  • Send out invitations – remembering to ask for gifts or money if necessary. (Chase up replies after 4 weeks)
  • If it is in your culture – organsie and carry out the hen and stag parties. If you are of Asian heritage you could start planning your henna do.
  • Carry out the hair and makeup rehearsals and begin your beauty regime.
  • Get packing for your honeymoon – check all paperwork and passports are organised and ready.
  • Have a meeting with your photographer/videographer about what shots you want.
  • Check details with your place of worship or and registry office.

2 Weeks Before

  •  Finalise details with your venue – seating plan, final guest list, menus, accommodation for any guests and final balance.
  • Confirm with all your suppliers, the timings and pay remaining balances.
  • Ensure all the bridal party/ relatives are happy with their roles on the day, the best man has the rings and all bridesmaid dresses are perfect, suits have been delivered and fitted correctly.
  • Have a wedding rehearsal if required.
  • Ensure the cake and flowers are being delivered to and when you want them.

On the Day-