Nadia Hussain MUA Sponsors the WBE!

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We are very proud to announce that our Hair and Make up Sponsor will be the extremely talented Nadia Hussain. 

Nadia is based in Manchester but will travel upon request and has worked on high profile clients including Bollywood dancer Ria Meera Munshi

We welcomed Nadia at our 2018 Spring show as an exhibitor but this Autumn she will be returning as a show sponsor and will take on the role of our backstage stylist which will consist of beautifying all our amazing models for each collection. 

As well as her work being featured in Asiana, Nadia has been trained by Roxanna Azeem, PLouiseMakeup, Nadia Waseem, BeautyByRoxc, hijab stylist Uzma Chaudhri and the infamous hair stylist Mukhtar Rehman

If you would like Nadia to style you for your big day or special occasion, then please contact her by:

Facebook – Laydee.Nadzy –  facebook.com

Instagram – (Nadia_Hussain_Mua) – instagram.com

Or come visit her at the World Bridal Event this September at the Macron Stadium, Bolton.

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