Our New Poster!

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We are excited to reveal the new faces of the WBE who are also our lovely catwalk models – Bing, Natasha, Cherelle and Hajrah.

Our very first show in 2013 we advertised on postcards and used no images, after our 1st event at the Maida Restaurant we had the opportunity to capture our models in action on the catwalk and use those images of Cherelle & Hajrah along with other beautiful models, for our branding.

Since then we have gained the support from our growing list of sponsors and together with our experienced creative team who has understood our passion, concept, mission have continued to express this in our posters.

Our posters are one of our main communication tools so it is important they portray everything we believe in which is showing real brides, cultures and the latest trends in fashion and beauty.

We would like to thank everyone involved in creating our latest poster.

Here is a look back from our very 1st poster to the latest…

new-posterposter3 poster4poster5 poster6


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