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We feel it is time to offer a more personal insight into the world of The World Bridal Event.

Yes, there is a small script on our ‘About Us’ page; but we want to be clear that we are selling and offering our passion, culture and dream rather than just a service.

 Myself, Charlotte and my business partner Iram, both met while exhibiting at an Asian Wedding show in 2013. I had not long since had a baby girl and started an artificial bridal bouquet business instead of going back to work as my daughter never slept.
 Iram was establishing her video and photography business and this was the first show she had ever taken part in, so she had very little to display but was determined to showcase her skills.
We were situated very close to one another, in a small function suite and the opposite end of the hotel to the main exhibition and catwalk show so the footfall, we came in contact with, was pretty minimal.
I felt too that I was out of place somewhat which made us talk that perhaps a multi cultual wedding show was needed. As these shows were just there to cater for a certain bride and as a service provider you want to be reaching out to all.
 So pregnant with my second child 12 months later, we found ourselves organising a small scale wedding show at the Maida restuarent in Blackburn. As our budget was very low, the turn out was still a respectful 30 brides however less than 5% was traditional English so we had to think long and hard if we had made the right decision and if we were going to continue, how best to achieve a successful event to benefit everyone.
 We bit the bullet and approached our 1st wedding venue, however they took too long to reply so as this point we were eager to get started and thought to try our luck at a Marriott Hotel; who’ve now become one of our long standing business relations – The Preston Marriott.
 They loved the idea and we have since organised 3 shows with them. Since the 1st show, we went on to do shows at the Britannia Hotel in Liverpool, the Thistle Hotel in Manchester, the Victoria Bradford Hotel, the Craiglands Hotel in Yorkshire, the Dunkenhalgh Hotel in Blackburn, Imperial Hotel in Blackpool and our current location, the Macron Stadium in Bolton.
 Over the past 18 months we have certainly put our stamp on the Northwest of England which has caught the eye of the Local Wedding Fairs company and together we are teaming up to host our largest show, set to take place this September! With the added media exposure and their wealth of experience in carrying out professional wedding shows, we are really excited for the next chapter of the World Bridal Event.
We believe this will offer something more to our visitors – lovely brides and grooms as it will mean more variety at the show and also provide a better atmosphere for our exhibitors who will be able to enjoy a real buzz on the day.
So what’s next….
Once we have established ourselves further with the Northwest; we then want to reach to other regions of the UK and spread our message of breaking down barriers and allowing a fun, safe and welcoming space for businesses to offer their services to everyone regardless of their faith, background and sexuality.
Next month we are holding a photo shoot with some exceptional businesses, to launch our new faces of the WBE – we surely are very excited about this!
Assisting our dream is our sister business, Fusion Bride – we are currently on our 2nd edition of this fantastic wedding directory looking for advertisers for the next but we won’t just be keeping it to paper. Plans are, to soon release our dedicated website which will have blogs and other features for Brides or Grooms wanting something different for their big day.
For businesses, we also offer seminars and assist in widening their target markets. Our next seminar will take place on 13th July at Bartle Hall where we will see some great speakers, creating a fantastic networking opportunity for all involved. From our previous seminar, we hosted last year, we found businesses wanted more, so after careful consideration and development we have taken all comments on board and will be delivering this knowledge packed day to anyone who is wanting to boost their business.
We would just like to thank everyone who has been on this journey with us and continues to support us, including all the visitors right down to the volunteers who help backstage to make these events magical.
Here is to the next 12 months of the WBE and if you are getting married soon, the very best of luck. We hope yoy have a wonderful marriage.
Charlotte & Iram x


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