Al – Hamza Banqueting Hall Sponsors the WBE!

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We are very proud to announce that Al – Hamza Banqueting Hall (Accrington) will be sponsoring the World Bridal Event.

You can meet the team and sample their tasty treats at our Northwest WBE later this year but if you can not wait until then to find out more on their fantastic services, then please read on …

Al hamza offers space that can be configured for all types of events including corporate parties, weddings,cultural events & conferences. Launching any event is tough and their professional team will support you throughout. With a choice of two floors and a mezzanine on the upper floor we are sure Al-Hamza will be the venue for you.

Their team of chefs are experts at crafting a wide range of delicious dishes for large numbers. This ensures that not only will everybody involved in the event have access to the delicious food, but it will also be expertly prepared. Menus and specialist dishes can be discussed with the head chefs prior to engagement should the organiser have any special requests. All dietary requirements and needs are taken into consideration and catered for.

Al Hamza prides themselves of being family owned and run; the ability to provide outside catering, offering waiter/waitress service with a 5 star local authority food rating.

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