Confetti for Multi Cultural Weddings

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To mark the exciting news that Shropshire Petals will be providing samples of their beautiful natural petal confetti at our photo shoot with the Bartle Hall Hotel next month; we thought it would be a nice reason to look at the use of confetti for multi cultural weddings and its origin.

For thousands of years, many cultures have maintained the superstition that throwing of rice and other grains is a symbolic way of encouraging fertility to newly weds.

Even though the word Confetti is Italian and most would assume throwing of confetti/petals originates from Italy; Indian and Arabic cultures used fennel and coriander seeds, occasionally sugar – coated grains of rice was used for such occasions  and these practices filtered through to Europe. The custom was modified to throw smaller sweets and became known by the Latin word for sweet as confectum, which in Italian became confetto, plural confetti.

Later in 1665, an account for throwing wheat over newlyweds was recorded, in later centuries, rice, flowers and sweets became hard to obtain but shredded paper became more popular and acceptable to Use although the name confetti remained.

These days, people see the showering of confetti symbolises ‘good gifts’ which enables the throwers to offer their hope and well wishes to the married couple and their life.

We are very excited to have Shropshire petals on board with us at our multi cultural wedding photo shoot at Bartle Hall. We shall upload all the images as quickly as possible.

Shropshire Petals grow biodegradable natural petal confetti, wheat sheaves and dried flowers which are all hand picked from their farm set in the rolling fields of Shropshire.

For more information on how you can have these beautiful petals at your wedding or celebration, please visit :




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