Highlights from the Northwest WBE 2015!

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Wow…It has been exactly 7 days since the Northwest WBE took place at the Bolton Whites Hotel and we can still feel the buzz and energy when talking to to the exhibitors and hearing feedback from the visitors.

Half an hour before the doors opened to the public we were registering visitors and welcoming them inside where they found over 40 exhibitors all from different cultures from an Asian bouquet maker to an African fashion designer as well as all the traditional elements such as English wedding cars.

One exhibitor, photographer Andrew Wade said the following about the World Bridal Event … ” I love exhibiting with The World Bridal Event. The idea of a multicultural show is one that has been missing and we now have a spark of forward thinking to be thankful for! The show on Sunday at The Whites Hotel proved it’s working with a really high turn out of all cultures. You could sense everyone, exhibitors and customers alike, were enthused and that can only mean more creativity, diversity and mixing of wedding fair in the future. Traditions are so important to this industry yet we are in a business that should be constantly evolving. The World Bridal Event nurtures both and offers a unique platform where both can be fused and forged. I can’t wait until the next show and feel that energy again. I know the next will be even better”.

Another exhibitor, being the Asian bouquet maker, Salma Kamran found that most of her enquiries came from traditional English brides which shows this event achieved what is designed too … “It was a nice experience, learnt so much and the English brides shown a great interest and I have enquiries to email back. Thank you “.

We carried out two catwalk shows; The 1st being at 12:30pm which was kicked off by two songs sung live by a full piece band called Groove Encounters. Supporting the shows was the award winning toastmaster Derek Timmins-Jones and DJ Dave Bradley of Double Decks and 20/20 Exposure.

Opening the catwalk show was Preston based Asian fashion designer Fatima of Touchwood Boutique who shown two collections including a traditional Asian set followed by a Western and Fusion collection which was greatly received by everyone.

Debuting at the WBE was designer Dr Erinma Bell of Nu Being Designs who showed of a vibrant and beautiful collection of West African attire.

Performing beautifully throughout the day and involving the audience was the talented Bollywood dancer Henna Soni and her partner Priya Master who perform under the name Sitaare.

We would also like to give thanks to the Make up artists headed by Hazra Walibhai and support from our sponsors including Raj from Sunrise Radio and the great team from Yaadain video and photography.

Lastly we would like to give thanks to Laura and the team from the Bolton Whites Hotel for allowing us to hold our 1st Northwest WBE at this magnificent venue which is ideal for multicultural and traditional weddings and we will be releasing a new date for the Northwest WBE 2016 very soon.

We wish you all the best for your wedding planning and following the WBE.

Charlotte & Iram x

Photography by Christopher Lewis Photography and AK photography.

Thanks to all our sponsors including GM Bespoke Events,  Nyila’s Beauty Lounge and My Artistry and thanks to New Image Lighting and 1SW for their support with the staging.

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