Highlights from our 2015 Spring Shows!

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Well, what a year it has been so far, for the World Bridal Event!

Our shows have continued to grow with increasing numbers of visitors and exhibitors wanting to be part of the experience, it has also been amazing to witness such a large turnout of visitors and brides from a variety of cultures.

One name which has stood out at the forefront at the most recent events is that of the award winning fashion designer Ian Stuart of LondonAt both the Lancashire and Blackpool shows, we showcased the exquisite bridal stockists Ava Rose Hamilton and Lottie’s Bridal Boutique, who both exhibited exclusive bridal pieces. Both boutique owners noted how the Ian Stuart Collection was fast becoming increasingly popular within the multicultural fashion industry and that they have both especially seen this happening amongst the modern British Asian bridal market. We have been delighted to be part of this movement and to have helped to provide a platform for the various bridal boutiques and stockists that took part to exhibit the beautiful creations they have on offer, for all to see.

Another traditional English Bridal boutique who took part in the World Bridal Event held in Bradford January 2015 was the renowned Prestige Gowns of Wakefield. This exhibitor added that although they normally only attended local bridal fairs and shows, they had found that after exhibiting at the World Bridal Event, their profile as a company and Bridal stockist within the Asian community had increased. Prestige Gowns had stated and that after asking for feedback from potential customers, they had found that brides were willing to travel in order to secure the perfect outfit for their big day and therefore due to their profile being raised in the community and in the Asian bridal market by being an exhibitor at the World Bridal Event, they had found it beneficial for them to attend.

Here at the WBE we would like to say a huge thank you to Poshaak of Blackburn who has filled our catwalk shows with exquisite beauty, glamour and bags full of culture that they have provided from their collection of exclusive designer bridal wear. Poshaak  of Blackburn exhibited a spectacular range of stunning Asian bridal outfits at each event up to date. Poshaak of Blackburn specialises in male, female and children’s formal wear and accessories.

And not forgetting our head stylist, Hazra Walibhai who ensures at each event that the backstage team is made up of professional make up and hair stylists ready to make up the already beautiful models for stage. Hazra specialises in contemporary and traditional bridal makeovers, which includes vintage, extravagant and classic hair styling. Her Platinum bridal package which is the most popular amongst her clients, offers solutions for weight management, skin care and bridal hair and makeup. Trained by MAC and renowned both nationally and internationally, Hazra is able to cater for all bridal needs in a professional and friendly manner.

We have also had the pleasure of welcoming the new and upcoming Asian Fashion Designer Aisha Naheed at the Bradford World Bridal Event (WBE). She launched her beautiful bridal and formal couture collection and we wish her all the success in her further designs and look forward to collaborating with her again in the future.

Our shows are made up of high quality exhibitors and we would like to thank our sponsors who have enhanced the events and without them the shows would not have been the incredible success that they are today. A special thankyou goes to GM Bespoke EventsNyila’s Beauty Lounge and Groovy Boothy for their continued support.

Here is what one exhibitors stated as feedback…

” We had a great day thank you. The bride and grooms were lovely, and it’s about quality rather than quantity for us, we could give them our time. Beautiful hotel and we got two booking s for there so a very good day for Groovy Boothy. It’s been wonderful working with you and WBE you helped us get on our feet and will be forever grateful. We hope to work with you again in the future. Take care of yourself, kind regards, Mandy”.

Our shows wouldn’t have been what they were without the inclusion of talented performers and artists and what a finale we had at our last show with the international RnB Asian Singer Aman Any performing live. We will continue to ensure that we are allocating our best to both our visitors and guests and we aim to ensure that we are providing the best of the best from what the region and the world has to offer!

We are now in preparations for our Northwest and Yorkshire Bridal events and shows which are taking place towards the end of the year. This is to ensure that we deliver and offer the best from the bridal industry to all cultures. New attractions will include a Nigerian Bridal business at the Northwest event who will be launching their bridal wear collection at the show and will be showcasing exclusive pieces from their latest range.

See you all soon and happy wedding planning!

Charlotte and Iram x

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